New Litigation Support Organization Launches, Offering Sixteen Solutions to Streamline the Litigation Lifespan

In response to client demand, Global Litigation Consultants, a time-tested and proven organization with a new name, has been formed to streamline the litigation lifespan for attorneys, their practice and the clients they represent. Whether litigating a single event or a mass tort case, Global Litigation Consultants provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for every step of the often-complex litigation lifespan, beginning with case preparation all the way through trial resolution.

We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end resource our clients can trust to support their firm through the entire litigation lifespan. We have created a single source for all litigation solutions complementing our mission to deliver efficient ancillary support and expert consultative services that reduce liability and costs, while increasing profits for our clients.

The Litigation Lifespan

For nearly three decades, our clients have relied on us for a portion of our litigation support solutions, but may not have realized the true magnitude of our services. Our new litigation lifespan platform unifies the solutions we’ve always provided, making it easier than ever for attorneys and clients to find the answers they need.