Choosing the Right ALSP

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Even though ALSPs all provide support to the legal services industry, they are each unique. When deciding which ALSP to partner with, these are a few things to consider.


When you use an ALSP, you want to make sure the quality of the work product isn’t diminished. Your firm’s name will be on the case, so the chosen ALSP should have a history of delivering a quality product. You may choose to modify or revise the final product to suit your needs, but an ALSP that takes the time to understand, meet, and even exceed your needs equates to less time spent integrating its deliverable into your case. You won’t save any money by using the ALSP if you need to use a fine-tooth comb when reviewing its work product due to a lack of trust. Once you find an ALSP you can count on, formalize a partnership and enjoy the improved efficiencies at your firm.


Let’s face it, the litigation lifespan is long, but there are deadlines aplenty! Missing a deadline is costly for your firm and ultimately your client. There are finite hours in a day and days in a week, and yet the deadlines keep looming as they incrementally move closer and closer. When evaluating which ALSP is right for your firm, consider whether the ALSP offers expedited services, just in case you find yourself in a bind trying to meet a deadline. An ALSP with the right personnel and resources can offer the flexibility to accommodate your deadlines.

Range of Services

Some ALSPs are very niche and focused on a particular element of the litigation lifespan. They may have a lot of specialized experience in their area of expertise but don’t have the requisite breadth of knowledge to provide additional services you may need. Other ALSPs may offer a wide range of services but may not have the appropriate depth of knowledge to perform each one adequately. The best ALSPs hit the sweet spot in the middle – they have the perfect amount of variety and knowledge.  Before partnering with an ALSP, it’s important for your firm to identify the least efficient tasks within the firm and decide which ones would be appropriate to outsource. Once you have a list of those tasks, you can narrow your search to those ALSPs that provide the ideal range of services.

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