What’s an ALSP?

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An alternative legal service provider, or ALSP, is a paralegal’s best friend. That mountain of paperwork piling up on your desk that needed to get done yesterday? Consider it done when you delegate the task to an ALSP.

If there’s a gap that needs to be met at your legal office, an ALSP can fill it. Whether you took on an extra case, or you have a case that’s become much bigger than originally anticipated, an ALSP can help you stay ahead of deadlines and make your colleagues and adversaries alike do a double take. You can’t do it all, but an ALSP is an essential part of your team if you want to look like you do.Infographic comparing the focus of an ALSP to a paralegal. A paralegal has to divide their attention among tons of tasks and an ALSP is able to offer focused attention to a task likely toward the bottom of a paralegal's never ending to do list.

In fact, according to a recent report by Thomson Reuters, 79% of law firms already use ALSPs “driven by the needs to reduce costs, improve efficiency and leverage cutting-edge technologies.” ALSPs are not your competition, they’re your teammate!

Services That ALSPs Offer

The services provided by ALSPs vary greatly, and it’s important to keep them in mind as you’re researching options. ALSPs can provide specialized and focused attention to nearly all of the tasks on your paralegal’s never-ending to do list.

Some relatively common services ALSPs offer are medical record retrieval, medical billing summarization, medical record organization, merit evaluation, medical expert selection and vetting, background investigations, lien resolution, and Medicare set-aside and trust administration.

ALSPs often have entire teams dedicated to a single service. For example, an ALSP that provides medical record retrieval has dedicated staff that cultivate relationships with medical record providers to streamline the process and make it as efficient as possible. It can be frustrating getting bounced around from billing to records and back again, especially since each hospital can operate differently. Rather than spend the day playing phone tag trying to track down exactly what you need, let an ALSP that has experience working with hospitals around the country navigate the complexity of retrieving the medical records you need for the case while you focus on the case and client relationship.

If you’re looking for a team that has the depth of knowledge and flexibility to do all the above and more, Global Litigation Consultants is a perfect fit for your firm.



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