Streamlining the Litigation Lifespan

We believe every step of the litigation lifespan should be streamlined to reduce liability and cost, while increasing profits. Let our team of professionals assume the labor-intensive task of retrieving medical records and billing data for your case.  Once obtained, we can organize the medical records and medical billing data to allow for efficient analysis.

  • Medical Record Retrieval
  • Medical Record Organization
  • Medical Billing Summary

Our diverse team of US based nurses prepare detailed medical chronologies and summaries of deviations in the standard of care or federal/state regulations. If your case requires a unique expert opinion or testimony, let us locate a medical expert with the requisite experience.

  • Case Merit Evaluation
  • Case Analysis
  • Settlement Demand Preparation
  • Certifying Expert Affidavits
  • Medical Expert Selection

We enjoy challenges and designing unique responses to complex situations. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your case.

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