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It can be a significant administrative undertaking for an attorney or law firm to take on mass tort casesScreening and processing prospective claims demand a focused effortOur team has successfully managed all phases of mass tort administration, from initial claimant communication to the management of settlement funds for multiple mass tort cases over the last several decades.  

Global Litigation Consultants has designed its single-event services to be instantly scalable and has teams of versatile professionals ready to shift processes to deliver the same superior work product on high-volume mass tort cases. 

Case Development

Managing communication with a large pool of mass tort claimants can be an overwhelming task for any law firm. Irrespective of the number of the claimants, GLC believes that each case deserves an individualized approach and unparalleled service. Our fulfillment team has successful launched scalable call center operations and technology platforms that allow for a personalized approach to each prospective claim.

Our team is trained and experienced in collecting and processing data to develop and qualify individual claims. We have developed and implemented procedures to streamline all elements of the case intake and the qualification process. All inbound and outbound calls, mailings, emails, and signed documents are carefully recorded and available to the attorneys or law firm through our proprietary online portal.


There is no one-size-fits-all methodology in qualifying or quantifying the value of a mass tort case. Our team of nurses, paralegals, and medical experts review the relevant records in each case and assess the strength of every claim. Each review is tailored to suit the specific mass tort and attorney's preference so our team can effectively communicate their findings.

In many cases, scoring tools or matrixes have been created for consistency in assessing cases around the country. Our team of medical professionals have been instrumental in developing and using these custom tools to value and score thousands of cases in multiple mass torts. From in-depth analysis of medical records to quick reviews and case evaluations, our professionals are prepared to provide expert-quality report, not matter that volume.

Lien Resolution

GLC understands to successfully resolve a mass tort, claimants often expect a fast distribution once the case has settled. Many administrators and third-party providers have adopted the "global settlement" option to resolve liens quickly in mass tort cases. The idea of negotiating with Medicare, or any other insurer, to reduce the total lien value across all cases may be expeditious, but is it equitable?

When discussing a global lien settlement with CMS, the total lien amount owed to Medicare across all claims in the mass tort is negotiated. This means even if an individual claimant is not a Medicare beneficiary and Medicare did not contribute to their medical costs, a portion of that claimants net distribution will be allocated toward repaying CMS. Additionally, a Medicare beneficiary with a $100k lien would likely contribute the same amount to resolve the global lien as a different Medicare beneficiary with only a $5k individual lien.

At GLC, we appreciate the fact that every cases has unique circumstances and may necessitate a global negotiation. Our team is more than capable of coordinating a global lien settlement with Medicare or other insurance providers. However, the difference with GLC is we believe individual, case-by-case, lien resolution adds more value to an individual case and can be achieved without adding time to claimant distributions. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing top-quality service to every client, no matter the scope or volume of the mass tort.

Administration & Benefit Compliance

Full-scale administration of mass tort cases is what we do best. GLC consults with attorneys and law firms to create a custom strategy for all forms, mail, email, and phone correspondence. Our professional administrators are highly-skilled communicators and trained to gather as much information as possible to add value to each individual case. From informational disclosures and case updates, to collecting signed retainers and releases, GLC has the team and resources to effectively align each claim with the attorney or law firm's process.

The data obtained throughout GLC's full service administration of mass tort claims is also used to identify potential public benefit issues prior to settlement. Our propriety management system allows our team to highlight or flag individual claims that may require special considerations to protect and preserve benefits. These cases, and all others, are reported to the attorney or law firm in real-time. Our goal is to identify claims that may require additional attention as early as possible so the appropriate solutions can be swiftly implemented.

Involving GLC as early as possible yields the best results. When given the opportunity to review cases, communicate with claimants, and analyze the information from each claim, our team serves as a full-service provider of nearly all case needs. Many solutions are handled in-house, while those issues better handled by other providers are carefully sourced through our reliable network. With customizable programs and a dynamic team of qualified professional administrators, GLC is an end-to-end solution to all your mass tort needs.