Medical Record Retrieval

We understand how critical medical documentation is for your cases.  We also recognize the administrative burden and drain on resources this function can have on any law firm.  With the right partner and the proper tools, acquiring the necessary medical records becomes more efficient and cost effective.

There is no well-kept secret to lowering the cost of medical records or obtaining them faster.  The only answer is dedicating personnel with an in-depth understanding of the health care provider's requirements, scheduling follow ups for each request, and establishing an effective escalation process for non-compliant providers. The experience and dedication of our US-based team creates an efficient, expedient medical record retrieval process.

To further enhance efficiency and customer experience, GLC continues to invest time and resources into our proprietary Client Portal. Through this secure online access, a law firm can enter the necessary case details for our team to begin work immediately.  The portal allows GLC clients to track the progress of individual requests and access the requested records as they are received.  At the same time, our in-house support team actively manages potential roadblocks and is available to our clients to discuss any issues related to a case or request.

Medical Record Retrieval:

The process of finding and obtaining any information recorded during the claimant's medical care.

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