Benefits of a US based Legal Nurse Consultant

Nurse consultant working on medical records

Have you ever looked at your next case and wondered where to even start when outlining the complex medical issues and injuries? Have you ever handed over the medical records to your paralegal or “that company” overseas that “has doctors and trained professionals” to review and outline a medical report? Now… were you happy with the results, did you feel prepared for the next step in the case and did you feel like you fully understood not only the cause of the injury but also how your client will be affected for the remainder of their life?

It is so vitally important to choose the right professionals to support your team and review the medical records (large and small), to outline all of the facts in a clear and concise manner, to provide a discussion of how these facts impact your case, and to continue support throughout the life of your case. At GLC we understand that a case does not just stop after the first review and report; often further records are needed, additional focused reviews are necessary, calls and discussions.

Nurses are trained in complex medical knowledge, research and documentation. They spend years learning about the body systems, injuries and disease processes and work collaboratively with the medical team to care for patients in all aspects. This experience makes them uniquely qualified to review and outline all types of medical-legal cases from birth injury to surgical and medical malpractice, nursing home abuse/negligence, and personal injury. Our team of specialized nurses understand the medical chart and its complexity, giving them the ability to find and outline important information for your case that could be missed by someone without this training and knowledge.

A medical chart can be a very confusing place to dive in for someone that has not spent years working in the field. Certain assessments and notes can be buried and difficult to find. For example, while one would think documentation regarding a pressure ulcer would be in the nursing notes or skin assessments, the first notation of a pressure area may be found in a nutritionist or physical therapist assessment. There is also the possibility that what is thought to be the primary issue of negligence is not actually the cause or even related to the outcome. Our team of trained nurses understand how to evaluate the medical information to determine how/why/when for your client.

Attorneys and paralegals are specialists in their fields working for the client, so why not have a specialist in the medical field be the one to review and outline the medical facts. Having a team of US trained and based legal nurse consultants ensures that the knowledge utilized is relevant to current medical standards and practices and allows our team to be able to collaborate with your legal team in every way possible to fit your case needs – need a call to discuss an area of focus for the report, call us up – need a call to discuss a unique project after the medical review in preparation for mediation or trial, call us up. We understand that no two cases are completely alike and we are here to provide you and your client with the best work product possible to attain optimal results.

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