Medicare Set-Aside

Medicare Set-Aside

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We preserve the ongoing and future Medicare entitlement for your clients when they settle liability or workers’ compensation claims. We evaluate and determine the need for a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA), review their medical records, future medical projections, recommendations for an appropriate MSA allocation, funding recommendations and submission of the proposed MSA allocation to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval. Our services can be provided as a convenient and comprehensive package, or unbundled as best meets the needs of any particular claimant or case.

Our experts will assume responsibility for the approval process through completion because getting CMS approval of the allocation amount is the only way to insure primary payer compliance and future Medicare eligibility for the claimant. Since a settlement figure can be rejected by CMS because it may seemingly attempt to shift payment responsibility to Medicare, the only way to truly ensure ongoing and future Medicare coverage for the claimant and satisfy all primary payer’s responsibilities is to secure CMS approval of the set aside amount. Otherwise, an unrecognized settlement can affect the claimant’s eligibility for Medicare services and all other parties’ responsibilities regarding the same.

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