On-demand paralegal, legal assistant, and administrative staff for overflow or project-based work providing dynamic staffing to fit a law firm's needs.

Choose from a directory of industry-leading medical practitioners in an array of professional specialties to review case details or testify at trial.

Confidently settle cases knowing you have taken all the necessary steps to preserve and protect your client's public benefits eligibility.

Customize a plan to protect and extend the claimant's post settlement recovery with referrals to a network of trust attorneys and highly reputable Trustees.

Quantify the claimant's future medical costs and support the demand with a comprehensive analysis of medical records and bills.

Ensure funds in a MSA account are properly utilized, with the correct fee schedule, and all supporting documents and accountings are handled completely.

Provide each client with the tools and guidance necessary to safeguard their settlement proceeds and extend the life of their assets.

Utilize valuable settlement tools when the case permits. A QSF can allow the time necessary to consider many post-resolution options for your clients.

Promote yourself and your law firm within your community and boost visibility on all platforms with a comprehensive marketing plan.