Increasing your productivity and profitability, while decreasing your liability and costs.

Our Mission

Global Litigation Consultants is founded on the principles of service to our clients and those they represent. We have earned a reputation for developing, evaluating, and implementing solutions to the unique problems confronted by those in the business of law. Our team of industry professionals has decades of collective experience in creating streamlined solutions to complex issues.

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Streamlined Support Enabling Law Firm Growth

Case Development

Glass Search

Verify the quality of the claim before committing resources

Case Preparation

Glass Gavel

Establish confidence in the facts of your case

Litigation Support

Glass Scale

Prepare your case for litigation and resolution

Post Resolution

glass money

Ensuring compliance once your case settles

Our Services

The depth of our collective experience, diversity, and expertise allows the Global Litigation Consultants team to approach each issue from a range of perspectives. Over time, our consultants have designed solutions to multiple challenges facing law firms. Many of these solutions are uniquely tailored to the needs of a case or client, though others have proven more universal.

Reliable, efficient, expedient record retrieval with the help of our US-based support team to obtain your client's records and overcome issues with any provider.

In-house and contracted Legal Nurse Consultants in every area of healthcare expertise focused on quality and consistency in their reporting.

Experienced lien and subrogation specialists working with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurers, and others on behalf of you and your client.

Accurately project your client's future Medicare-covered medical expenses related to their injury and comply with all applicable MSP rules and guidelines.

Litigation Consulting Services for busy law firms.

Why partner with GLC?

Building trust with our clients helps build better businesses and stronger law firms. The team at GLC is resolute in its commitment to first-class customer service, accessibility through our online platform, and an exceptional quality of work. With extensive experience and training in the legal, medical, and financial industries, our team of consultants are fundamentally responsive, actively listening, analytically thinking, and research minded.