Lien Resolution

Liens asserted by Medicare, Medicaid, VA, ERISA plans, and private health insurers can greatly impact the settlement or resolution of a personal injury claim.  If not promptly addressed, unresolved healthcare liens can significantly delay settlement disbursements or even result in serious financial penalties.  Resolving liens is a complex process that demands efficiency and compliance to maximize your client's recovery.

The team of Lien Resolution Specialists at GLC understands every insurer's claim is unique and the process of effectively verifying and resolving outstanding liens can be complicated and cumbersome.  We review each itemization and dispute any charges not related to the client's injuries from the date of loss. Once the injury case is resolved, a final lien amount and reduction are requested.  Our clients can be assured that the final lien amount only includes those charges directly related to the injury claim.

Reimbursement rights vary by provider.  Public benefits, like Medicare and Medicaid, can differ by region or state.  The lien resolution department at GLC is well-trained in navigating the complex roadmap of various provider rights.  Relieve your staff of the administrative and complex compliance burden by engaging the trusted lien resolution services of Global Litigation Consultants.

Lien Resolution:

The process of fully satisfying all medical demands with the least economic impact to the claimant's settlement.

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