Medical Cost Projections

A Medical Cost Projection (MCP) is an innovative tool that takes the guesswork out of defining your client's future medical expenses.  Not all cases require a full life care plan, while others may not necessitate the use of a Medicare Set-Aside.  However, all cases should include evidentiary support of the future medical costs outlined in your demand.  The MCP report is a lower-cost, faster turnaround review to support the claim for future medical expenses.

A MCP is an analysis of medical records and comprehensive review of medical data.  This type of report can be produced quickly and is far less expensive than a traditional life care plan.  The detailed projection of lifetime medical costs is clear and easily understood, resulting in an evidence-based report that speaks to all parties.

Our team of nurses and certified Medical Cost Projection Specialists present a report that recognizes the difference between potential and probable future medical needs. A review supported by substantive data, produced by professionals with experience in projecting future medical needs and costs, will help strengthen your case.

Medical Cost Projection:

Quantifying all future medical expenses that may result from a specific injury or accident.

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