Medical Expert Selection

Many personal injury and medical malpractices cases demand the assessment or testimony of a qualified medical expert.  The expert can opine on such issues as standards of care, the cause of the injury, and long-term effects the injury may have on the claimant's quality of life.  While many associate a medical expert with their testimony at trial, the use of a professional expert can add value to any phase of litigation.

Global Litigation Consultants has amassed a vast network of industry-leading physicians, nurses, surgeons, and licensed medical practitioners.  Each has the professional experience and qualifications to serve as experts in a range of medical specialties.  All our experts are properly vetted, and their credentials are confirmed.

A consultant can evaluate your case and assist in identifying the medical specialty that best aligns with the facts of your case.  Our team will then provide multiple expert options from our comprehensive network of certified health care professionals.  It is our objective to bring value and confidence to your case by introducing the expertise and trained eye of a certified medical expert.

Medical Expert Selection:

Identifying and locating licensed medical practitioners whose expertise qualifies them to testify on a specific area of medicine.

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