Public Benefit Compliance

Are you asking your clients the right questions at intake?  The circumstances surrounding each case are unique, but layer on top of that the potential that your client is receiving one of many public benefits. Your case can immediately become much more complex. Some in the business of law have pared down the concept of public benefits to only Medicare and Medicaid. There are far more levels to these benefits that can be easily overlooked, or misunderstood, leaving a law firm vulnerable.

The burden of compliance is on the attorney.  Without knowing which questions to ask, it is impossible to guarantee that you have all the information needed to comply with the various public benefit guidelines.  The team at GLC has in-depth knowledge and experience working with the Federal and State entities responsible for administering public benefit programs. GLC provides a case-by-case consultation to identify potential benefits received by the claimant and prepares a comprehensive plan to preserve those benefits while reducing the possibility for future liability.

Have your client's liens been resolved and satisfied completely?  Have you and your client considered Medicare's future interest?  Have you discussed all post-settlement trust options to ensure the preservation of your client's benefit eligibility?  Many of these questions can be easily answered by asking the right questions and understanding how to apply that information to the benefit compliance guidelines.  Engage our Benefits Specialists to ensure you have met all compliance standards for any case involving a public benefit.

Public Benefit Compliance:

Ensuring an individual remains within the limits or boundaries to retain eligibility for public benefit programs.

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