Medicare Set-Aside Administration

CMS recommends professional administration of Medicare Set-Aside accounts due to the complicated reporting, accounting, and expense requirements.  Funds in an MSA account are specifically ear-marked to pay for Medicare-covered medical treatments, durable medical equipment, and prescription drugs related to the injury or accident from which the claimant received a settlement.  The account must only pay for those items outlined in the MSA Allocation report and must be paid using the appropriate fee schedule.

The professional administration team at GLC educates the MSA accountholder on how their account can be used appropriately.  To streamline the administration process, each accountholder is issued an MSA card to be provided to their treating physicians or pharmacy.  Claims are submitted to GLC by each medical provider for our team's review and approval.  Each charge is reviewed to ensure compliance with CMS guidelines and to confirm the charges are related to the accountholder's injury or accident.  Approved medical expenses are made directly from GLC to the provider.

The individuals, their injuries, and the future treatments in each case are distinct and different.  Each account is handled with extraordinary care and attention to detail.  Every accountholder can have confidence in knowing their MSA account is being administered appropriately, while affording the utmost in transparency and compliance with CMS standards and guidelines.

Medicare Set-Aside Administration:

A professional service designed to help manage the funds, accountings, and reports needed to appropriately govern a Medicare Set-Aside account.

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