Legal Nurse Consulting

Piecing together medical records and establishing a timeline for each case often requires a well-trained expert.  GLC has assembled a group of Legal Nurse Consultants in varying areas of expertise and clinical experience. This team includes nurses with decades of experience in diverse areas of healthcare including ER/Trauma, Critical Care, Hospice, Geriatric, Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility (ALF), Labor and Delivery, Oncology, Orthopedic, Pediatric Prenatal, and many more.

Each member of our nurse consulting team is highly skilled in effectively analyzing medical records, defining the standards of care, interpreting medical language for legal documentation, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a case.  It is our goal to add perspective and value to our clients' cases by highlighting areas of emphasis and breaches in the standard of medical care.  Our legal nurse consultants are available to provide further clarity, explanation, and education to our attorney-clients regarding the medical aspects of any case.

Every report is tailored to the facts of the case and the direction provided by the client.  The type of report or evaluation often varies based on client preference and the current phase of litigation.  We are not limited by the type of report our team can produce, but many of our standard evaluations are outlined below:

Legal Nurse Consulting:

Medical Experts and Legal Nursing Professionals of varying specialties trained to report on medical-related legal issues. 

Medical Record Organization - Arrange the medical records in a manner that works for your firm and litigation staff.  Often the records are organized chronologically, by provider, facility, or by special request that best suits the case and client needs.

Medical Billing Summary - Breaking down all medical bills by date of service, facility, and service provided.  The report presents a full itemization of the amount billed for each service, the claimant's out-of-pocket expense, the amount covered by insurance, any adjustments/write-offs by the provider, and all outstanding balances.

Merit Evaluation - A high-level review of available medical records to determine if, with a reasonable degree of medical certainty, there is a breach in the standard of care.  This report allows a medical professional to review the case and highlight areas of concern or negligence before spending more time and resources on the claim.

Basic Chronology - An extraction from the available medical records organized by dates of service, the provider, the results/outcome/notes from the visit, a summary or comment based on the records, and a reference to the medical record and page number where the information is noted.

Case Analysis - An in-depth review of all available medical records and findings.  This report highlights all negligence and breaches in the standard of medical care.  Each medical record is closely examined, and relevant details are highlighted that support the client's claim.  A Case Analysis is often used once a claim is accepted by an attorney and all the medical facts need to be analyzed and extracted from the medical records.

Lay Summary - Create a better understanding of the medical facts in the case by distilling the medical terminology down to terms recognized by the lay person.  This summary is often utilized in preparation for mediation or deposition.  The claimant may us this review to clearly communicate their injuries and associated treatments.

Settlement Demand Letter - A medical narrative that emphasizes the injuries, subsequent treatments, and overall patient experience in a personal injury claim.  Written in a templated Demand Letter, our nurses complete the medical narrative and quantify the medical costs but leave the legal writing to the attorney or law firm.

The circumstances of every case vary.  There is no one-size-fits-all report that can be effective in every matter.  Our legal nurse consultants are very adaptable and listen to the client's needs and instructions to produce reports concentrated on the correct timeframe, treatments, facilities, or defendants.  No matter the report or service, we aim to deliver a quality work-product the same way, every time, all the time.

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