Settlement Planning & Financial Advisor

For most claimants, a large financial settlement may be a once-in-a-lifetime event.  It is imperative that your client is prepared for their new financial situation following the resolution of their claim.  A settlement plan is a detailed look at the claimant's current financial position, their future needs, and a determination for the best use of the settlement proceeds to add to their quality of life.  Often these plans include details about structured settlements, trusts, benefits planning, and money management to further protect your client's future and well-being.

The financial team at GLC is comprised of economists and financial planners certified to provide wide-ranging financial advice. These professionals analyze the state of the claimant's financial affairs, incorporate the anticipated settlement value, and create a plan with specific recommendations to establish the best possible financial position once the settlement is distributed.

Our consultants will review all plans surrounding the claimant's future medical care, discuss future education and retirement plans, examine the claimant's income needs, and create a comprehensive settlement plan.  With access to structured settlement brokers, trust attorneys, and register investment advisors, our team will optimize your client's settlement dollars and prepare them for a brighter financial future.

Settlement Planning & Financial Advisor:

An assessment of a claimant's financial needs and goals, followed by a plan designed to guide the claimant to meet those goals.

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