Paralegal Services

Our on-demand paralegal service allows attorneys and law firms to focus on their clients and cases, rather than staffing shortages and constant overflow work.  GLC's team of in-house, US-based, virtual paralegals work in various capacities to suit each client's needs.  From a dedicated full-time Paralegal or Legal Assistant to helping with project-based work, GLC's qualified professionals have the experience and attention to detail our clients have come to expect.

Customize the legal support personnel that best fits your needs and GLC can match you with the best qualified professionals.  Our virtual paralegals and legal assistants are well-equipped to handle various tasks and consistently produce the highest quality work-product. Paralegal and Legal Assistant services include legal research, E-filing, dictation, witness interviews, drafting and proofreading documents, trial preparation, deposition scheduling, and much more.

By working with GLC's paralegal services, attorneys and law firms gain access to our experienced legal and administrative resources without the burden of recruiting, hiring, and managing a full-time staff.

Paralegal Services:

Remote administrative legal services tailored to the needs of an attorney or law firm. 

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