What's Your Problem?

Global Litigation Consultants has helped law firms operate more efficiently, innovate their processes, and scale their businesses by integrating our team into their cases.  By leveraging the scope of expertise on our team, clients have benefited from custom services such as settlement planning, life insurance, special financing, money management, financial advising services, business consulting, marketing for their law firm, and much more.   From developing a strategy through execution and management, GLC provides end-to-end support for attorneys and law firms.  We recognize each law firm, its attorneys, and every case has its own unique policies, characteristics, and circumstances.  We take an individualized approach to each case and believe our best use, and greatest value, is creating custom solutions for complex issues.

With decades of experience working in the legal, medical, and financial industries, many of the solutions implemented for individual clients have become more universal in their application.  These universal services are all completed in-house by our experienced, trained subject matter experts.  This allows our team to ensure the high-quality work product and timely delivery our clients have come to expect.

Each standard service is presented in a sequence that supports the basic progression of most personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home negligence cases.  Our goal is to provide support through every step of the litigation process by offering service options to help eliminate the administrative strain as the case develops.  From case intake and gathering medical records, to post-resolution and long-term administration of settlement proceeds, GLC is a trusted partner dedicated to increasing productivity and profitability, while decreasing liability and costs.

Litigation Support Services

Global Litigation Consultants offers a diverse set of solutions to support each phase of the litigation lifespan